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Choosing a comprehensive, cost effective health insurance plan has become increasingly challenging due to the wide variety of insurance programs and steadily increasing premiums and health care costs. Vale-U-Health is a local, high quality network of health care providers and services centralized within the Monongahela Valley.

Vale-U-Health is a physician hospital organization, whose partnership includes Monongahela Valley Hospital, local ancillary providers, and a medical staff of over 150 community-based physicians.

Because Vale-U-Health is provider owned and managed, it is in the unique position of being able to respond to the health care needs of both employers and consumers. It's affiliation with Monongahela Valley Hospital, the area's premiere community hospital (offering a full compliment of inpatient and outpatient clinical services), allows Vale-U-Health to offer a comprehensive continuum of health care providers and services locally. As part of Vale-U-Health's commitment to serve the medical needs of the Monongahela Valley, we strive to:

  • Continuously devise and implement medical management strategies that demonstrate excellence in service in a cost-effective manner.
  • Participate in national, regional, and local health plans insuring that employees and enrollees have expedient, convenient access to health care.
  • Ensure that health care be rendered by high quality, local providers.
  • Provide superior claims administration and plan management for self-insured employers.
  • Implement electronic health record systems within all participating PHO practices which supports excellence in health and disease state management.
  • Provide Medical Management for the self-insured employer, assuring positive health outcomes at lower cost.

It is the goal of Vale-U-Health to provide quality, cost effective health care for the communities we serve while achieving and maintaining the highest levels of patient satisfaction. We are committed to promoting active partnerships between patients and their providers. We maintain the highest standards of quality and professional ethics, and adhere to the principle that "the patient comes first."

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